Customer Retention Increased by 356%

About the company

Applecrumby & Fish is a Malaysian consumer goods company, co-founded by husband and wife team, Sean and Jesmine Tan, that emphasises safe, natural and organic baby and maternity products should be made affordable and available to every household in the region.

The Expectations

  • We joined Distro Dojo unsure of how we would be able to keep up with the rest of the companies that were present. SEM, SEO, CAC (or CPA), CTR, CPC, CPM, Conversions, etc was one big alphabet soup to us. All we were hoping was to leave the course with a working knowledge of what “digital marketing” was all about.
  • Increase revenue and sales conversion

The Challenges

As the success of the brands we represented meant selling well on our online store, the key metrics we chose to focus on were:

  • Increase conversion rate from top of funnel through to successful payment
  • Increase open rate and CTR on our EDMs

processes learned in Dojo

  • Customised to our business, “THE LIST” (KPI Sheet) is one thing every business needs. It brought clarity to metrics that needed measuring, showcased loopholes in the business process, and painted a clearer picture of what needs to be optimized weekly / monthly / moving forward.
  • Brainstorming sessions/technique encouraged all team members to speak out and share their ideas. This is a fun and rewarding process — allowing everyone to be heard and acknowledged. Keywords: execute, track.
  • Optimization methodology pointed out the gaps and opportunities that we could immediately execute without overly relying on our tech guy. This brought on long-term (and passive) benefits to the funnel (i.e. customer confidence/assurance during their entire buying journey).

Take-aways and learnings


Increased the revenue by 279%.


Customer retention increased by 356%.


Mobile CAC decreased by 73%.

Take-aways and learnings

  • The layout, look & feel and even colour scheme of the entire website is crucial in terms of generating first impression and company’s credibility.
  • It’s important to also understand what gives confidence to your customers to encourage purchases.
  • Funnels, Funnels, Funnels, the main driver for any online platform. To ensure you have the right funnel to drive customers from step 1 to complete purchase.
  • Teamwork is important. A strong team with different skill sets are crucial when attending Distro Dojo.
  • Do your homework, understand the ins and out of your business from business objectives, strategies to people management and come with an open mind. Be ready to accept criticism and listen to advices from all mentors.


Quotes from founders

Jesmine Tan, Co-Founder

“Track everything. Know your numbers! Understand how your business works and strategize how you’re going to reach your growth targets by diving deep into your numbers. Once you have a plan, execute religiously and don’t forget to zoom out to review and realign.

We were surprised with what we achieved during the bootcamp. To be able to overhaul our site in 3 weeks and see the growth numbers that we did was breathtaking. We were earnest and hungry for growth, and the programme gave us the tools to help ourselves get there.”

Sean Tan, Co-Founder

“Founders MUST be present and leading the team for any meaningful change/growth to happen. Companies need to be open and prepared to take constructive criticisms from the mentors and their peers. Act on those criticisms. There is always a metric/feature that can be improved.”