Optimized Their Way To 500% Revenue Growth


About the company

Fabelio is an Indonesian furniture brand that set out to democratize design by furnishing happiness.

Fabelio was launched on June 1st, 2015 and is now Indonesia’s largest online furniture retailer, serving the Greater Jakarta region with its own line of affordable high quality products. The company is obsessed about extraordinary customer experience.

The Expectations

  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Increase customer acquisition efficiency (i.e. lower CAC, CPO, CIR // higher CR etc.)

The Challenges

  • High acquisition cost due to being a new brand in a new industry (i.e. online furniture)
  • No existing systematic growth mindset and testing approach

processes learned in Dojo

  • Previously we didn’t break down issues (KPIs or funnels) to the lowest level and we have learned that focusing on the weakest part of the equation offers the quickest wins.
  • In our case we have realized that we were above average on “category page to product page” conversions as well as “add-to-cart to checkout” conversions – but we had very bad conversions on the product page (i.e. “product page to add-to-cart conversions”). This breakdown forced us to focus on this funnel step only – and focus is crucial!
  • Another important obvious enlightenment was that every % improvement in any part of the customer journey has the same %-improvement on revenues.
  • The main tools that we keep using are Mixpanel, Optimizely, Dojo’s experiment sheet as well as KPI tracker.
  • Our online marketing has become much more granular and agile with faster testing and conclusions.
  • We came back to Jakarta and set up a dedicated growth team.

Take-aways and learnings


CR improved by 98% at 6x increase of traffic volume.


We have slowly decreased CPO by 57%.


Revenues have improved by almost 5X since Dojo.

Take-aways and learnings

  • We follow the routine of A/B tests using the same tools (Optmizely and Mixpanel) and are still using Andy Young’s KPI sheet, which by now has a main sheet which has evolved into 168 rows.
    Very important: we have a dedicated growth team now.
  • The main takeaway is that only constant testing and changing things can grow a company. There are tools that minimize the amount of necessary assumptions to make decisions.
    The growth mindset is crucial. We would set up a growth team right away, or at least spend significantly more resources on growth when we started the company.
  • We have definitely seen a positive ROI – and Dojo was a mindset changing experience which is reflected in the way our company has evolved


Quotes from founders

Christian Sutardi, Co-Founder

“Dojo has equipped us with frameworks, ideas and tools that helped us bring Fabelio to another level; now we run the company with a growth mindset and were able to grow the company revenues by 5x within less than 10 months after the Dojo. ”

Fanie Fikri, VP of Online Marketing

“Dojo enforced us to always have an experimental mind: Now we do continuous A/B testing and reiterate what we do quickly based on result. Most importantly, we try to measure everything – and act on the data.”