50% Increase In The Sales Conversion.

About the company

GoGet is a business platform for part-time help.

Our technology connects businesses to reliable and flexible help, called GoGetters, who do small tasks for a fee. The tasks range from premium logistics of products, to flyering and operational tasks.

The Expectations

  • To learn how to think and approach marketing in a measured and structured manner.
  • Provide To have the learning-by-doing opportunity with experts and mentors on effective tools, methods to market.
  • To be able to use the above two and grow the business demand by multiple folds.

The Challenges

  • The challenge of acquiring users for a marketplace model in a southeast asian country where this is not common.
  • The challenge of educating users about our business in an affordable manner.
  • The challenge of conversion and getting users who we acquire, to activate.

processes learned in Dojo

  • Learnt the discipline, the structure of how to think of the overall framework in marketing.
  • Learnt basic systems and processes that can put in place and keep our discipline tight.
  • Build capabilities of thinking and brainstorming to foster more creativity and action orientated initiatives.

Take-aways and learnings


The conversion in website more than doubled.


Transaction value increased by 65%.


Job posted increased by 43%.

Take-aways and learnings

  • Learnt how to conduct marketing channel audit and find out where are the potential customers dropping off: top, middle of bottom of the funnel.
  • Learnt how to create experiments backlog using ICE methodology


Quotes from founders

Meera Maniar, Business Development

“Small changes, rapid iterations are better than massive overhauls for true results because you are much more agile and lean in terms of cost, effectiveness and overall resource management.”

Francesca Chia, Co Founder

“You have to live and breathe the process/ thinking/ framework/ way of going about marketing for this to be effective. It is not a one off solution, but rather a “lifestyle” of marketing you need to shift to”