Supercharged A Low-Converting Funnel By 45%

About the company

Five Jack is the gaming related company which have mission to make changes and solutions for gaming industry in terms of e-commerce.

By building itemku, which is a marketplace platform focusing on trading virtual game items in Indonesia, we provide the solution for every gamers who wants to trade their virtual items.

The Expectations

  • Top Level KPI improvement
  • Funnel/conversion rate improvement
  • Better knowledge/point of view in understanding user behavior by using metrics/data

The Challenges

  • Low funnel conversion rates were bottlenecking growth and revenue.
  • Expanding user acquisition and optimizing retention through online marketing.

processes learned in Dojo

  • Defining the metrics on each key stage.
  • Implemented systems, processes and frameworks to track metrics and pinpoint user behavior.
  • Experiments across every layer of service.
  • Meticulous funnel A/B testing.
  • Optimization of each marketing channel for improved CAC, traffic quality, cost efficiency and customer segmentation.
  • UX analysis & improvement for higher conversions.
  • How to define and break down your funnel and your Top level KPI

Take-aways and learnings


CAC decreased 266%.


45% higher conversion rate from main funnel.


Weekly Gross Merchandise Value increased by 32%..

Take-aways and learnings

  • Doing experiments in every aspects of our layer of service is helping us deciding what to do next. We are making decisions based on data and data only.
  • We follow the routine of A/B tests using the same tools Experiments Backlog, Optimizely and Mixpanel
  • Through each marketing channel optimisation we are constantly getting new insights regarding new customer acquisition and retention.
  • Decide what is the one metric that matter and track it every single week.
  • Our advertising strategy became more cost efficiency, we are targeting to more quality traffic and focus fully on CAC optimisation.


Quotes from founders

Virdie Haqmal, Chief Product Officer

“This dojo creates a new fresh point of view of looking into our product and introduces us to several tools and frameworks that helps our product’s growth. Sometimes you would embarrassed yourself about how simple is the mentor’s suggestion or comments, coz maybe you do and think this works every single day, so that’s why fresh point of view was what we are needed at that time, and we grateful we got that from the experienced ones.”

Denis Kim, Co-Founder

“If we would not attend the program, we would probably spend all company money on useless marketing efforts and the company would be bankrupt by now!”