8x Donation Growth Through Tight OKR Focus

About the company

Kitabisa.com is Indonesia’s online fundraising and donation platform. Since 2013, we have facilitated 3000+ fundraising campaigns raising $5 million.

The Expectations

  • Learning how to optimise marketing budget
  • Learning the growth framework
  • Learning how to address growth in a small team

The Challenges

  • Identifying most performing marketing channel for conversion
  • Building experiment-driven culture

processes learned in Dojo

  • The OKR-based growth framework with ICE scoring as prioritization tool helped shape our focus and achieve the most amount of learning at a given period.
  • Through brainstorming with mentors and other companies, we learn different successful case studies to adapt and test for Kitabisa.
  • The AARRR analytical framework taught helped us easily identify leakages and lowest hanging fruits.
  • We then ran advertising campaign on multiple advertising channel (Facebook, Instagram, GDN, search)

Take-aways and learnings


8x donation growth from September 2015 to September 2016..


Sustainable organization-wide focus on OKR for growth..


Achieved up to 80% open rate on campaigner activation drip emails..

Take-aways and learnings

  • The Dojo is like a workout bootcamp, the intensity of the experiment and process is probably something we cannot apply on a daily basis, but it help shape the right mindset and condition the your team to prepare for continuous growth experimentation.
  • We would prefer to join Dojo when our product is in a more stable stage (at the time of Dojo, we were undergoing major upgrade) to maximize experiment.


Quotes from founders

Fahri Amirullah, Digital Marketing Manager

“By having one OKR at a single period of time, our team become laser-focused in running experiments to achieve our objective. This mentality led us to increase our donation amount by 8x over the past 12 months.”

Vikra Ijas, Chief Marketing Officer

“For an early-stage startup like Kitabisa (then), the Dojo provided an intense and practical experience to instill a growth mindset not only for the founders, but also the whole team through the framework and system we were taught.”