11 x Revenue Increase & Expansion to 2 Cities

About the company

RedDoorz is the market leader in the online budget accommodation space in Indonesia.

Its business model is to sign up budget accommodation properties (such as guest houses, small hotels, apartments), standardize their quality and services as per the RedDoorz standards, and sell it online under its own brand on its own website and leading OTAs. RedDoorz unites thousands of unbranded budget rooms under one brand experience, driving new bookings via online distribution.

The Expectations

  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Increase customer acquisition efficiency (i.e. lower CAC, CPO, CIR // higher CR etc.)

The Challenges

  • Tapping in unique payment methods, as credit card penetration is too low
  • Solving multi-lingual platform challenges
  • Locating low hanging fruits in the tech travel and hospitality domain

processes learned in Dojo

  • Recording a weekly company level KPI sheet. This sheet helped Management identify loop-holes and quickly take corrective actions.
  • RedDoorz initiated offline supported payment methods on its brand website. This really helped to address payment adoption.
  • Periodically collating conversion improvement ideas internally.
  • Brainstorm sessions to spot geographical regions for operational expansion.
  • Marketing strategy discussions to identify new customer acquisition channels.

Take-aways and learnings


Revenue increased 11x..


Number of booking through their main acquisition channel – mobile increased 117%.


Number of rooms filled in increased by 69%.

Take-aways and learnings

  • Understanding the demographics helped us to know the online habits to further inculcate tech centric changes
  • Fail fast and build faster, to learn and unlearn from the failures and keep experimenting
  • Find new ways of Customer Acquisition and Drive Engagement


Quotes from founders

Amit Saberwal, Co-Founder & CEO

““​We are delighted to be a part of Dojo, it has helped us bring discipline in our day to day functions by keeping a track of our performance, helping us grow 11x in revenue. In the ever changing landscape of Startups, Dojo has helped us use tried and tested concepts in a more effective way, driving an undeviating growth of the company.”

Kunwar Asheesh Saxena, Co-Founder & CTO

“Getting together with people from the Startup domain was a great experience, and the experiments to fail fast and build better to find new ways of Customer Acquisition and Drive Engagement has helped us achieve better results in the long run. Insights from industry leaders also helped us identify our shortcomings in User Experience and helped us improve our Booking Funnel movement. ”