Slashed Lead Acquisition Costs By ⅔, 5x Higher Inbound Lead Flow.

About the company

StoreHub is a cloud based retail management system consisting of an iPad Point Of Sale(POS), intelligent inventory management, CRM and business analytics.

StoreHub allows business owners to feel the pulse of their business in real time, manage their business from anywhere they have an internet connection, make data driven decisions easily and scale their business seamlessly.

The Expectations

  • Deep dive into growth hacking best practices
  • Workshop/clinic sessions to implement the best practices learnt
  • Introduction to growth hacking tools and softwares

The Challenges

  • Breakthrough lead generation bottleneck
  • Improve conversion across funnel
  • Better reporting system to measure KPIs

processes learned in Dojo

  • Weekly growth and marketing review
  • Regular tracking of key growth and marketing metrics
  • Hypothesis driven growth hacking experiments
  • Growth hacking framework and templates allow quick implementation of A/B tests and experiments
  • Data and reports driven marketing strategy
  • Better reporting system to measure KPIs for each department

Take-aways and learnings


Improved cash flow through lowered cost per acquisition.


5x inbound lead flow in 6 months while cutting cost per lead by ⅔.


Discovery of new and most effective channels and platform for lead generation that allow us to focus marketing efforts and budget on what works best for us.

Take-aways and learnings

  • All company strategy and decisions should always be supported and driven by data
  • A science based (hypothesis driven) approach to running experiments is important to ensure objective, accurate and meaningful results
  • All departments should boldly try out radically different ideas using A/B testing (with risks and resources managed) as these ideas could potentially lead to big improvements.


Quotes from founders

Wai Hong Fong, Cheftain/Co-Founder

“Distro Dojo helped us from start to finish with restructuring our tracking, campaigns and mindset around managing online as a channel. Within two weeks, we saw efficiency double on our retargeting ads and gained 3x more understanding on how effective each of our channels were. Throughout the process, the Dojo team helped us work through the unique points of our business while framing it within the wider context of digital strategy. We are incredibly glad we made the choice to join Distro Dojo and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level”

Emily Yoon, Head of Growth

“The biggest takeaway our team got from dojo was to experiment, experiment, experiment – a lot, and boldly. As long as we continue to be guided by data, consistent documentation, and organised naming conventions, there was no reason for us not to push hard with experimentation. To achieve scalable growth at any stage, aggressive data-driven experimentation is key.”