3x Monthly Revenue Within 6 Months

About the company

Tees is the biggest make and sell custom merchandise marketplace in Indonesia.

From individuals that want to express themselves with a custom design t-shirts & hats to companies needing polo shirts for events and outings.

The Expectations

  • Increase sales by 300%
  • Provide legitimate framework for incremental progression

The Challenges

  • Approaching problems with data and how to pinpoint what exactly works and what doesn’t
  • Optimizing advertising efficiency
  • Putting data above all for decision making

processes learned in Dojo

  • The framework that they introduced helps us divide big problems into small actionable chunks that we can then work separately, making it easier to handle, measure and optimize.
  • The A/B Testing methodology helps improve our conversion on specific steps of the funnel.
  • By relying on data, we actually shifted our focus from retail to business facing and is enjoying a significant growth in that area. Jumping our revenue at around 3x while maintaining less clients.
  • Remarketing is gold, our CAC drops to ⅓ and our retention rate goes up as well.
  • Better recording of the analytics definitely helps us to decide what to do next more easily.

Take-aways and learnings


3X on monthly revenue in 6 months..


CAC decreased by 60% on retail customers.


50% more visitors to the web from email marketing.

Take-aways and learnings

  • Before the dojo, we’re used on doing a lot of things and do a lot of assumptions of whether what works or not. A lot of gut feeling and thus costly in all the mistakes that we made.
  • At the Dojo, they taught us a framework that break everything down and work in little increments to make sure every improvement is measurable so we don’t continue on doing things that doesn’t work and consume our resources.


Quotes from founders

Aria Rajasa, Co-Founder

“We are definitely blown away by the result, 3x revenue is definitely make all the hassle worth it.

Bima Satria Tama, Co-Founder

“The Dojo helped us understand our business in a different perspective by restructuring our way of doing marketing, content and overall strategy. ”