1 Day Hands-on Growth Hackathons

Master the essentials of conversion optimization that top pros
use to get regular wins.

In 2016 we’ve directly mentored, advised and reviewed 100+ startups across 20+ countries. What we found was:

  • 9 out of 10 STARTUPS have a non-existing / broken / incomplete tracking and reporting framework.
  • 8 out of 10 STARTUPS are leaking performance in one part of their business.
  • 6 out of 10 STARTUPS do not have their growth foundation established.

This is when the idea of “1-Day Growth Hackahtons” was born.

Our quest: support as many startups address these “growth basics”.

What are the 500 growth HACKATHONS?

1 DAY EVENTS (9 AM – 9 PM)

Designed to help you establish your company’s growth foundation in terms of: defining customer avatars & UPS, conversion funnel mapping & web optimization.

From theory, to strategy, all the way to implementation.

Join us to learn a systematic hands-on approach to think, solve and act on growth initiatives to explode your sales conversion rates. Hard core hands on growth-hacking.

Who Is It For?


This program is made for you if:

    • You are searching for high-level and actionable strategies and frameworks
    • You don’t know if you are tracking the correct numbers and taking the correct business decisions;
    • You are not growing at the pace you want to and have no processes to improve performance;
    • You have never optimized any part of your website and you think it’s about time to;


What are the requirements ?

You are open to roll-out experiments on your business

And already have a:

  • Running website for your startup
  • Steady flow of incoming traffic (direct / organic / paid)
  • Implementation squad available to “hack” around on the day of the event (tech + design + copy)


What is the structure?

Picture this: 40 growth hackers in one “war room” for an entire day.

With the monitorship of 500 Startups Growth Hackers in Residence, following proven 500 Startup frameworks, entrepreneurs will growth-hack their entire business, ground up – strategizing; directly implementing experiments on their business.


    • Optimization tool integration

    • PART 1 – 3H (9AM – 1PM)

      • Market sophistication definition
      • Customer avatar definition & creation
      • USP definition & creation
    • BREAK – 1H (1PM – 2PM)

      • Lunch
    • PART 2 – 3H (2PM – 5PM)

      • Optimisation brainstorm
      • Optimisation Backlog definition
    • BREAK – 1H (5PM – 6PM)

      • Snacks
    • PART 3 – 3H (6PM – 9PM)

      • A/B testing implementation sprint
    • PRIZE

      • The team that implements to highest number of tests is up for a 500 Startup Prize.
    • SOCIALS – 2H (9PM – 11PM)

      • Drinks @ TBA

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1 ticket bring 3 people


April 25th (Tue),
Rework, Kuningan


September 8th (Fri),
Collective Works, CBD


September 29th (Fri),
Freeware Spaces, Kemang

If you have any questions please contact us at: justyna@500startups.com